Drinking and Dining Made Easy….for you

Why the hell did I eat there?

I am Clark Macario, author of Drinking and Dining Made Easy blog.  Over the next few blog posts I will help you and consumers avoid that very question, “why the hell did I eat there?”  It is very obvious people love to dine out.  The average family spends $225 per month dining out! But what is just as important as the food and beverages you consume at a restaurant or bar?  It is the customer service.  Great customer service makes all the difference to your dining and beverage experience.  It is whether you retain customers or for the consumers, go back to that restaurant. Friendly attentive servers, host, hostess, bussers and bartenders are just to name a few you may come in contact during your outing. That’s quite a few for a nice time out.

This is a blog for both those employed in the Food and Beverage industry and those who attend restaurants.  I want those who are in the Food and Beverage industry to make a difference in customer’s experiences.  This is valuable to your patrons. Great customer service will become noticeable to upper management and, most importantly, adds value to you as an employee.  I will base a majority of my content on personal experiences; both job related and personal outings.  I will also include valuable links to professional webpages for your benefit.  This will further your customer service expertise and improve you as an employee of the industry.

For those of not interested in Food and Beverage customer service, you are very likely to attend a restaurant or bar in the near future.  The tools I will discuss can be observed through your personal experiences.  This helps you evaluate the customer service you receive to be a great experience or for you to ask yourself, “why the hell did I eat here?”

So let us all drink, dine and have a good ass time.


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