Come see how good I look

Ron Burgundy once said, “mmm, I look good. I mean really good. Hey everyone, come and see how good I look!” 

Before you even begin your dining or beverage experience, you have to start with the appearance.  You’re telling yourself, ‘well duh appearance is important.’ I want you to actually step back and reflect on your personal experiences with a restaurant. Why do you go back to those bars and restaurants over and over again? Before you even start to nibble on food or sip that drink, you are consciously or subconsciously scoping the restaurant or bar. 

Just as appearance is important when meeting someone to establish some sort of relationship, you’re doing the same with a restaurant; establishing a relationship based off the way it looks. Did a restaurant or bar have a good vibe, lighting, employees? This is part of the atmosphere that employees and managers in the Food & Beverage industry create to attract and retain customers.

The layout, lighting, music, art work etc. are all a part of the appearance prescribed to attract you. This is a primary step in customer service. It is not coincidence that you feel comfortable when dining or drinking at your favorite spot. They have developed a welcoming atmosphere through their appearance via sound customer service. They do it to please you! Those employees and managers have developed a unique niche to attract and retain you through their appearance.

Take note on your favorite bar and restaurant: notice the TVs, color schemes, seating, art, etc. What makes them special? Let me know what you like about them.


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