Pros not foes

Have you ever had a server or bartender who just looked like they didn’t give a damn about you or their service? Did they not check on you enough? Did they have a poor and lazy attitude? Emotionless during their service or use jargon and profanity? Clearly this would be an example of a useless service experience.  Professionalism in the workplace is vital to your success and the patron’s satisfaction.

From a patron’s viewpoint, you need to say something to the server or bartender if they are acting unprofessionally. Whether it is jargon, slang, profanity or inappropriate comments, something must be said.  This brings attention to their useless unprofessional services and they need to adjust immediately. if nothing changes, talk to the supervisor or manager. It is in both your interest and the interest of the business that you address the issue.  It may be difficult but do not use profanity and maintain a subtle yet direct tone when speaking to the server or manager.  It is off putting and likely won’t resolve the unprofessional nature of the service.

So, how is it possible to prevent it if you are the server or bartender? Simple, act if you are serving your own family members or someone you idolize.  Everyone has those days where they are not motivated to work; it’s normal.  However, your paying patrons are expecting and should receive a valuable experience.  Your goal is to want them to tip you decently and come back to do it all over again.  If you attend to them as is they are family or even celebrities, they will have no problem doing so.

Tell me when you had an unprofessional experience. what happened? How did you deal with it? Leave your comment.


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