It’s 7%: Teamwork Pt. 1

According to a UCLA study, 7% of words used determine the effectiveness of communication. You better make it count

Communication is vital to the success of a restaurant, bar and customer’s experience. It is the heart, the brain, the central nervous system to the inner success of the business.  The communication process from employees to employees and employees to customers is the valued interactions that must be effective.  Without effective communication, the business’ chances of failing are almost guaranteed. Who wants to be served by a business who doesn’t communicate from within and to customers?

When you are at a bar or restaurant, you subconsciously or consciously demand attention from your server or bartender. If they do not check on you regularly or even communicate your orders back to you for verification, you have received bad customer service. Feeling comfortable with the process of ordering is concerned with the communication between you and the employee. You seek peace of mind when you place an order. You are using your hard earned money in a rough economy to spend on good customer. The communication process is the key to success of the service.

The employees must be able to successfully communicate to the customers by creating a comforting relationship.  It’s only 7%. Being attentive and checking on how their experience has been so far is required to be considered a valued employee.  Communicating with them on how long their orders will take after you have received them furthers the success of the communication process.

When communicating with your colleagues and managers, be brief and very direct. Remember 7%. Being direct provides instant and quick information on what action you would like them to do or what you have done for both the customer and the employees.  Communication effectively makes the business more efficient and provides satisfaction to both the employees and customers.

Describe a time when you received valuable customer service. Was your server or bartender attentive to your needs? Leave a comment.


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