Grow yourself bigger than the Jolly-Green Giant

“If you want more, you have to require more from yourself.” -Dr.Phil

The personal growth aspect of the customer service is not relatively noticeable to customers but it is to your colleagues and yourself. You want to be (or your server to be) accountable in taking initiative in learning from mistakes and taking positive action. Continuously refining your skills furthers your value as an employee.

Lets say you make a mistake at work with a food or beverage order. This can disrupt the flow of service and your personal workflow. For one, you can brush it off and not stress over it. Or rather, brush it off and make a mental note about how it can be avoided if the situation presents itself again. This is refining your skills.

Time for self-development and personal growth. When you refine your skills, you are not only developing a new work habit, you are providing better customer service for future customers. Yup, that’s right. When you adjust to a mistake, you are bettering yourself and future customer experiences. Most customers will not see the self-adjustment since it takes time. However they will feel it with your valuable customer service.

If you are the customer, notice your server or bartender’s actions. How do they act? Do they do something unique to provide the good service? Smile frequently, are attentive, passionate, etc. Leave a comment.


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