A Restaurant’s Bread & Butter

Your staff is the ‘bread and butter’ of your restaurant or bar establishment. They are the face of the business. Their interactions and customer service for patrons is valuable to the success of the business.

Hiring for talent should be a priority. Having outgoing professional employees will help build relationships with the customers and your business. Even hiring energetic and optimistic front personnel such as a host/hostess makes an impact on customer’s experiences.

How can you hire the best talent? Besides a basic application, the one-on-one interview is important. You can tell how they are by their body language, eye contact, tone, and their attire if they are professional and energetic. Hone in on those aspects and you’ll be on your way to hiring some solid talent.

How have you shown personal value in an interview? Leave a comment.


One thought on “A Restaurant’s Bread & Butter

  1. The old adage “People are your most important asset” turns out to be wrong. People are NOT your most important asset. The RIGHT people are.” Jim Collins, Good to Great. And it really does start with the interview process. You are absolutely right. Although an application or resume provides some insight about an individual, a more important criteria in the selection process is what the candidate can articulate and communicate in person, verbally and non-verbally, on what contributions he or she could make to the restaurant.

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