Robotic Menus Are Not Valuable

Employees  are the bread and butter for customer service. They are your front line, face of the company interaction with the customers. Training is important. So what about training customers?

Customers can be treated as a robotic system. The constant flow of customers can deprive them of proper service. How should they know if they are getting valuable service? There are a few ways. First, change-up the food and beverage offerings. Having the same menu and beverage choices draws lack luster customer service. Repetition on the restaurant’s behalf results in poor quality and operations. By adding a few details it shows the restaurant cares about the well-being of the customer’s experiences.

Customer surveys can be conducted on what is lacking from the restaurant. What do they want to see more of? Less of? This is a process to keep thing fresh for the customer’s experience. It trains them to expect a fresh menu and fresh services.

What would you  like your favorite restaurant to add to their menu? Leave your thoughts.


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