Part 2: Coaching Your Employees

Now it’s time to actually coach your employees. I previously spoke about being a valuable leader to the employees. Your efforts are reflected onto the employees’ performance and  therefore the customer’s experiences. As social media has grown, so has the reputations of companies whether they are good or bad. Yelp is a fine example of what the customers are thinking about when it comes to the service of the restaurant.

So how do you get those 5 star ratings on websites and throughout your community? First understand that coaching is meant to improve the performance of the staff to better meet the needs of the customers. Coaching is not barking orders but rather influencing performance through motivation, by example and any other way that best fits the situation.

Next, don’t focus on the awful things that the employee does. They are sometimes sensitive and can block out the rest of whatever you are trying to say. Try and focus on what they are good at and improve their moral through compliments (make sure they’re work appropriate). Everyone likes to be complimented on; it’s a sense of self-accomplishment. Continuing, whatever the employee lacks, take them aside and ask them how do they think they can improve it. This gives them the opportunity to assist in their own improvements. If they don’t know, explain what can be improved on and how to accomplish the task.

When have you had a coach help you improve? How it went.


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