Use Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

Social media has become a global phenomena and is a part of everyday life. People are sharing their thoughts, opinions, experiences and many other forms of instant information for the world to read about. Even President Obama is on a social website such as Twitter. For the food and beverage industry, social media can help or hurt the business’ reputation or improve it.

In my opinion, if a food and beverage restaurant has over 200,000 likes on their Facebook and 2,000,000 followers on their Twitter account, that does not show how they are effectively using social media to serve their customers. The overall popularity has little value to the customers. They would rather follow, like, or comment their opinions and experiences: good or bad.

The real value comes from the food and beverage business’ responses to these experiences. Customers want to feel that they are wanted and that their opinion matters to the business. They want to receive a rapid response on how their awful experience can be improved on and it will not go unnoticed. Customers want to receive a response of appreciation of how their loyalty is valuable to the company. All this is extremely valuable to the customer service of a food and beverage experience.

Have you used a social media platform to engage a company based off of an experience with them? Was it good or bad experience?


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