Pt 2: Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

I discussed the importance of using social media as a valuable tool to customer service experiences. It’s easy to say that it is valuable to use. Now comes how to use it.

The first step is to realize that social media has become an everyday part of life. Customers WILL be talking about their experiences, good or bad, regardless if a restaurant thinks that it isn’t happening. Webpages such as Yelp, ConsumerSearch, Urbanspoon, etc. are all webpages that review restaurants.

Go onto these websites. Check out what customers are saying about the restaurant. What’s the restaurant’s image? Quality? Atmosphere? These are qualities that consumers value.

Restaurants also need to use a Twitter account, Facebook account, and LinkedIn to have direct nationwide contact with their customers. Instant feedback to a customer’s concern or positive experience adds value to the image of the restaurant. Be professional about how you answer concerns on these webpages. Do not post anything that would jeopardize the image of the restaurant. These social media webpages are followed by millions of people worldwide. Be conscious of that.

How do you think restaurants can better improve their social media use? Leave your thoughts.


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