Conclusion: Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

Now that the restaurant has opened up their necessary social media platforms, it’s time to implement the customer service.

Restaurant management should not only be responding to the concerns or the recommendations of the customers via social media but also implementing the actions within the restaurant and bar. It shouldn’t be thought of by just answering the concern or thanking customers over the social platform is enough. Actually implementing and improving upon the information found on the social platform is the final tool to using social media effectively.

Let’s say a customer had an issue with a server’s work performance; they were too slow or unattentive to the needs of the customer. Once recognized and acknowledged by the restaurant manager on the social platform, implement and discuss how to improve the server’s performance. They may be unaware of their habits or they may need to be reminded of the restuarant/bar’s expectations.

The restaurant manager needs to pull the server team (or team that had the issue) and discuss all the necessary precautions and standards that the restaurant expects its employees to abide by. They shouldn’t single anyone out. Instead coach the team and show how it can be improved with multiple solutions.

If something has been recognized as good on social media, the restaurant manager should let the entire staff know they are doing a good job. Employees are the bread and butter.

What do you think about social media and restaurants? Do they actually listen? Leave your comment.


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