Customer Service and Advertising

It is important to have food and beverage specials. I have stated before that the food will sell itself. However, it will not sell itself if the word isn’t out about how awesome of a deal is going on. This is where the social media tools and advertising help out with drawing new customers and retaining the regulars.

Effective advertising/marketing are a part of food and beverage customer service. By promoting the food and beverage specials, coupons or whatever they may be, it shows that the restaurant cares enough to take the time to inform potential customers and current customers of amazing deals. Sometimes larger restaurant chains go overboard with their non-stop commercials. Not all restaurants should do that but local restaurants definitely need to bring public awareness to the community of a, ‘hey look at us, we have great food and service,’ philosophy.

These advertisements are of course suppose to drive sales and attract new customers but the smaller premise is to draw them in and taste the exquisite food while experiencing phenomenal customer service. This shows that management has confidence in the customer service it provides and the quality of items it has to offer.

What kind of advertisements has drawn you to go into a restaurant? Food or dink specials? Coupons?


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