Customers Are Not Always Right

The cliché saying that customers are always right is hardly true. Although it is a nice reminder that there eventually will be issues in the food and beverage industry regarding customers. No matter how perfect a restaurant or bar may seem, they have and continue to have customers they just cannot satisfy. That’s the nature of the industry. Alternatively, the customer may not always be right but they are a customer no matter right or wrong.

I have heard a customer service story from countless food and beverage employees. A customer who is dining or lounging in the restaurant consumes a majority of the meal or beverage and then asks to be compensated because it was not to their liking. This may be an extreme example but the purpose is the customer is not in the right in this kind of situation. The manager or supervisor on shift should handle the situation according to the top management or company policy. I’ve seen food and beverage managers refuse to meet the customer’s needs. In this situation, may be the customer may need to be compensated with something small but not the entire meal.

Customer service is not about treating the customers equally but fairly. The customers who believe they are in the right even though it may be obvious they are not need to be treated with respect no matter how outrageous their behavior or actions are. At the end of the day, they are the customer and should be treated with respect and recognition.

When have you been right about an experience but the manager argued with you?


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