Follow the Leader

“When it comes to customer service, you can be a leader.  Set the example and show your colleagues what great customer service is all about.” -Shep Hyken

This is a great quote by customer service expert Shep Hyken. Anyone in the customer service industry can lead by example. This is very important in the food and beverage industry. It doesn’t matter what position an employee holds within the restaurant, they can improve those around them just by their actions and behaviors. Attitude is contagious. If an employee is upbeat, smiles frequently and busts their behind for the customers and team they’re on, this will catch the eye of fellow colleagues.

Being a leader in the food and beverage industry is absolutely required from the restaurant management position. The restaurant manager’s attitude, behavior, body language, etc. are all observed by the team and customers. The restaurant manager is naturally designated into the leadership position but they have to be affective in their role; not just expect they’re the leader because of their title.

There will be a few workers who are unmotivated to come to work or are just in a sour mood throughout a shift. Being that employee who is opportunistic about their position and using their actions as words helps those around them. Energetic behavior and dedication to the process are all a part of being a leader in the food and beverage industry. Anyone in the restaurant/bar can be a leader. This improves those around them and will be recognized by upper management.

How have you been a leader even though you were not in a leadership position?




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