How to Under-Promise and Over-Deliver in the Food & Beverage Industry

Under-promising and over-delivering is about creating that deep positive emotional experience. That kind of emotion leads to positive thoughts, an emotional connection to the experience and those to come.

Make those promises that can be kept. Offering advice on  menu or drink selections and it turns out to be the day the chef thawed out the meat or the ice tastes salty in drinks, is not the right way to go about providing value and a connection to the customer. The promise should be something to be excited about; so over-deliver on it. An example is a new drink recipe the bartender/mixologist looked up (because they’re adding their personal value) and wants the customer to try it out of the expectation they will like it; it’s not just another drink order.

Over deliver: Do more than what’s expected. In the food and beverage industry, it’s expected to have an average service experience and awesome food and drink selections. Over-delivering is about changing that perception into a great service. At best, services are as promised. How about adding more value to the customer. Offer them a menu or selection that’s not on the usual list. Give the customer a personal recommendation of what is the best for their prefered taste.

How can you under-promise or more importantly over-deliver in your career?


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