Food & Beverage Customer Service Love

Show love and appreciation to the employees and the customers.

Employees are vital to the success of the restaurant/bar or any customer interactive environment. Some customers may be retained because they see a familiar face when they visit a place of business; it is comforting for their experience. The right employees should be recognized for their outstanding efforts; even those who are not the best but put forth the effort deserve some praise. Employees need to be acknowledged in a positive manner frequently to continue their motivation and dedication to the business. Saying ‘thank you for..’ or ‘nice job real helps everyone around you’ is important to the success of customer service team. Employees that receive the love and appreciation tend to have higher retention than those that have little to no appreciation. This love boosts their morale and their personal development as an effective employee.

A happy employee can lead to happier customers. I have had sub-par food at a few restaurants but because I have had great customer service regularly, I tend to go back over and over again. I tend to overlook the average food with the above average service that shows that I am valuable to the experience, to the business and to the customer service employees.

Management can also walk around the restaurant and, other than asking ‘how’s your meal/drink so far?’, actually engage the customers and ask ‘what brought you in today’ and saying the best line (if said genuinely) ‘Thank you for coming in today, I appreciate you considering [name of restaurant] as your choice. I hope to see you guys again soon.’ and end with a big beautiful smile.

It’s a trickle down effect. With management showing and/or saying they appreciate their employees, the employees become more motivated to increase performance which can lead to a happier customer.


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