About Clark

Welcome to my blog!
I am passionate about the Food and Beverage industry. More important in my personal experiences than the actual food and drinks has been the customer service I have received. Customer service at restaurants and bars has determined if I go back to that business or trash talk it and let everyone know my awful experience.  My purpose of this blog is to show you how to be effective in customer service, specifically, in the Food and Beverage industry.  Those not employed, I will give you insight on what great customer service should be!
I am currently a Senior at the University of Nevada-Reno majoring in Business Management.  I am very excited to be the first in my family to graduate this May 2012.  My future goal is to become a restaurant manager of an established restaurant or local restaurant. Trust, loyalty, and customer retention are a part of my personal goals as a manager.
Along with being a full time student, I currently work for one of the top corporations in my industry as a head supervisor.  I enjoy supervising employees, monitoring the quality of inventory and, most importantly, socializing with the customers.  What ignites my passion about the Food and Beverage industry is the atmosphere, quality of food and beverage selections, and the changing trends in the Food and Beverage industry.  The choices customers have in their beverage, entrée and dessert selections makes them unique individuals.
Along the way, I will attach links to blogs and web pages for your reference and some good reading.  This blog can also help you if you are not employed in the Food and Beverage industry.  The content will benefit your drinking and dining experiences by recognizing exceptional customer services. This is Drinking and Dining Made Easy…for you.

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